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John and Angie Taylor have enjoyed working with schools since 1987. John is a native of Pensacola, Florida and Angie is from central Florida. They recently celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary. Their daughters, Margeaux, who is eighteen years old, and Madeline, who is thirteen years old, also enjoy pitching in during the Elf Shelf busy season. The girls are involved in helping to select products that appeal to children. They are also some our best customers, as they search in the warehouse choosing the perfect gifts for their friends and family!

TNT Industries, LLC is their fundraising company which offers The Elf Shelf Gift Shop and Kids' Korner as well as Charleston Wrap®, Yankee Candle®, Smencils® and the delicious Classic Cookie® Dough for K-12 and other groups. Contact us if you would like to speak with Angie personally. We look forward to hearing from you!