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Distributed by: Kids' Korner Southeast (TNT Industries, LLC)

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All packages shipped to your school are free of charge. NEW - "Next Day Air" Packages: Due to the diligent efforts of our customers to keep costs down, we are now able to offer FREE "Next Day Air" services up to $100 freight cost!


Payment Policy: Payable to TNT Industries, LLC and
due at the time of scheduled pickup. A 10% Prompt Pay Discount may be deducted if paid within 48 hours and sign up by July 1, 2015.
Reorders within 60 miles are delivered by TNT Industries.
Reorders must be placed by 1 P.M.
2-3 Sale days = 1 Reorder
4-5 Sale days = 2 Reorders
No reorders for "makeup days".


Terms & Conditions for Standard Elf Shelf Program . . .

We, the above named group, understand that the company, upon acceptance of this agreement:

  1. Agrees to provide our group with a pre-packed selection of "Kid Priced" Gift Items.
  2. Agrees to loan our group a computerized cash register, which will be pre-programmed by the company at our group's selling prices.
  3. Agrees to provide our group, at no cost to our group, with flyers and gift guide envelopes for each child in our school.
  4. Agrees to provide our group, at no cost to our group, with individual gift bags for each item, plus a plastic T-shirt bag for our children to carry their gifts home in.
  5. Agrees to deliver the gift items to our school address.
  6. Agrees to deliver reorders, when 30% or more of the Elf Shelf Gift Shop stock is sold.
  7. Agrees to take back all unsold Elf Shelf Gift Shop merchandise for full credit.
  8. Elf Shelf Gift Shop reserves the right to inventory returns from a school and send an adjustment if necessary.

We, the above named group, understand that The Elf Shelf Gift Shop has designed this program to run during school hours because it affords all the children in the school an opportunity to shop in a
"Safe - Non-Commercial" atmosphere.

Therefore, we agree to:

  1. Run the Elf Shelf Gift Shop program like a "going out of business sale" for two or more days during school hours.
  2. Display all merchandise supplied by Elf Shelf Gift Shop.
  3. Use the forms provided by the company to balance funds in the Cash Register with our sales each day.
  4. Remit a check to TNT Industries, LLC at the scheduled time of pickup, or agreed upon time, for the total amount of merchandise sold.
  5. Not mark, price, or label any individual items, boxes, or cartons. We will not accept such items as returns.
  6. Have all unsold merchandise and unused supplies ready for pickup the day and time scheduled.
  7. Sell no other Commercial products along with theElf Shelf Gift Shop merchandise.
  8. Regarding "No Inventory" programs, if we have difficulties with the register, we agree to inventory product returned to Elf Shelf Gift Shop, by price code only, to confirm the actual amount due. (This should only take about 15 to 20 minutes.)
  9. Not to Cancel this order after October 1, 2017. (Should we have to cancel after October 1, 2017 we understand there will be a $300.00 Restocking Fee, plus shipping charges for receipt and return.)
  10. Schools who sign pending board approval and receive promotional items will be given the option to return or pay for those items if the board does not approve.


Required I have read and understand this agreement and am authorized to sign this form.
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